Panthers disappear -- temporarily

Looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t the only NFC South team making their players disappear. At least temporarily Tuesday afternoon, the Carolina Panthers took their roster off the team’s official website.

It’s back up now and a team spokesman said it was taken down due to the “uncertainty’’ surrounding the league’s labor situation. I just checked all four NFC South team websites and each of them is showing a roster -- at the moment.

Speaking of “uncertainty,’’ there’s a lot of it going around. This is the time of year when the NFL world generally gets ready for the annual spring meeting. It’s generally the biggest business meeting of the year and lots of people from all areas of the league generally attend.

Well, this year’s going to be different, but we have no idea how different just yet. I’ll be leaving Sunday for New Orleans where the league meeting, or some semblance of it, is scheduled to start Monday. At this point, all we know for sure is that Wednesday there will be a conference call featuring Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, who chairs the competition committee, and NFL vice president of football operations Ray Anderson.

They’re supposed to give the media a preview of some rules and issues the competition committee will be working on at the meeting. I’m pretty sure McKay and Anderson aren’t going to be fielding any labor questions.

Once we get to the actual meeting, it’s going to be interesting to see who shows. In normal years, the league has a breakfast where media can talk with AFC coaches one day and NFC coaches another. Almost always, all the coaches are there. But league officials so far have said there might be some sort of scaled-down version of the media sessions with coaches.

In talking to officials from several NFC South teams today, there seems to be uncertainty about whether their coaches will be attending the meeting.