Ryan Mallett over Blaine Gabbert?

I’ve met colleague KC Joyner several times, but never thought to ask him what the “C” stands for. Think I just figured it out -- Contrarian.

While it seems like everyone else in the world is arguing whether Auburn’s Cam Newton or Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert is the best quarterback in the 2011 draft, Joyner’s taking a stand I haven’t seen anyone else attempt. He’s saying Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett is the best quarterback in this class.

Not sure I agree with that and, at least at the moment, I’m thinking Gabbert is the quarterback prize in this draft and a possible pick for the Carolina Panthers at No. 1. There are plenty of others out there who think you can swap Newton in there and I wouldn’t argue too much with that.

But Mallett? I’m not so sure.

However, I urge you to read Joyner’s piece in its entirety. He’s big on metrics and he backs up his points. Agree or don’t agree, but ponder what he has to say.