Reviewing film of NFC South chat

We had our weekly NFC South chat Friday afternoon and really didn’t seem to have much attention taken away by the NCAA tournament.

I don’t know if most chatters were multi-tasking and watching basketball in the background as we talked, but attendance was about the same as usual. Thanks to all who took part for those who weren’t able to, here are a few highlights.

Dan (MN) Pat, how much should we expect the Panthers draft philosophy to change with the new coaching staff?

Pat Yasinskas: I'm getting more and more vibes that things are changing in Carolina. Sensing txhey're not gonna be same old conservative Panthers. That's why I'm thinking they're gonna go ahead and get a QB at No. 1.

Calvin (Newport News, VA): Hey Pat. Do you feel like the Bucs should consider looking at another receiver? I feel like Williams came along fine, but Benn didn't have a great rookie season (2nd round pick, 395 yards 2 TD's). I'm not saying replace Benn because he still has time to prove himself, but I wouldn't say he's above having some competition come in.

Pat Yasinskas: Maybe take a shot on a WR later in the draft. But I'm not down on Benn all that much. He was starting to come on a little before he got hurt. Coaches still like him and they've got a few other guys there as well. I wouldn't panic and draft WR early, but wouldn't hurt to add another a bit later in draft.

Scott (Northglenn, CO) Do you think Marques Colston is a top 10 WR?

Pat Yasinskas: Right now, no. Colston's very, very good, but he doesn't get to put up the huge numbers because Payton and Brees spread ball around so much. Now, I believe Colston might have top-10 talent and could put up bigger numbers in another system. But I think he's quite happy playing the role he does in New Orleans and being part of a winning team. He's one of the few WRs I've come across who isn't all about stats and himself.

Chad (Las Vegas) Why wouldn't a 1 or 2 year deal for Tiki not fit into the Bucs plans. Which would you prefer; some veteran leadership on a young team at a position that takes a beating or the 53rd man on a roster that will see no playing time and can still be put on the practice squad should any injuries occur?

Pat Yasinskas: Chad, yeah, Tiki is a veteran. But at no point in his career was he ever accused of being anything close to a leader. Go back and read some quotes from some of his former teammates in New York. He was never a well-liked guy or a big favorite in the locker room.

(Atlanta ) I'm seriously convinced that the Falcons should trade up, anywhere from 17-19 in order to secure a pass rusher. What do you think Pat?

Pat Yasinskas: Well, that would leap them over Saints and Bucs, which are two teams that very well could be looking at DEs. Dimitroff has shown willingness to be aggressive when needed, so I wouldn't rule it out.

Here's the complete transcript of Friday's chat.