Morris: Brees + Payton = poetry

Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris knows he has a good young quarterback in Josh Freeman. But the coach said during the NFL owners meeting earlier this week that there still is room for improvement.

Morris pointed to another NFC South quarterback Freeman can use as an example and then heaped praise on that quarterback and his coach.

“Josh is one of those guys who is hungry and he has a great example in his own division in Drew Brees,’’ Morris said. “He’ll continue to strive to be the best. The more control you put in his hands, the better player he’ll become. You watch Drew Brees and Sean Payton communicate and it’s poetry. You watch the freedom Brees has to make calls and it’s masterful.’’

Unlike Payton, Morris is a defensive coach and doesn’t call the offensive plays. That’s up to coordinator Greg Olson. Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt also is heavily involved with Freeman.

Freeman had some authority to change calls last season, but it wasn’t anything like what the Saints let Brees do. But it sounds like Morris is ready to give his quarterback some more control in the offense.