Notes on all-decade team, Vick

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

I've spent much of the morning sorting through what came into my mailbag while I was on vacation and a few things jumped out.

First, thanks for the great response to voting for an NFC South all-decade team. I didn't start counting ballots yet, but it looks like there are about a couple hundred of them. One question that came up often is the eligibility of Drew Brees, since he's only been in the NFC South for three years. Let's make him eligible for the team since his time with the Saints has been phenomenal. But it also looks like there is pretty strong support for Jake Delhomme.

I'll be sorting through the ballots in the coming days and hope to have your consensus NFC South all-decade team assembled late in the week or over the weekend. You can still send votes to the mailbag.

Onto another common theme I saw in your notes. A lot of fans are complaining that we're still posting Michael Vick items on the NFC South blog, even though Vick is no longer property of the Falcons. I hear you and, quite frankly, I enjoy writing Vick items about as much as you enjoy reading them.

However, that's part of my job. Until Vick lands with another team or in another league, the word out of Bristol is that Vick is still NFC South territory. The good news on that is I think his release from home confinement on Monday will be the last strong flurry of Vick news you'll see on this blog.

I look for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to move quickly in deciding Vick's future in the NFL. If Vick is reinstated, he'll land with another team (and it won't be in the NFC South) very quickly. If not, I suspect he'll sign with the new United Football League.