Tampa Bay Super Bowl bid looking better

Here’s some more good news for Tampa Bay’s expected bid for the 2015 Super Bowl, which likely will be voted on this fall.

After snow and ice played havoc throughout the week during this year’s Super Bowl in North Texas, the NFL said it no longer will look simply at “most-likely worst-case scenarios.’’ It will take into consideration events that aren’t likely, like the Dallas area having snow and ice that didn’t melt for days.

What happened in North Texas could help steer future Super Bowls back to warm-weather cities. Indianapolis previously was awarded the 2012 Super Bowl and New York/New Jersey got the 2014 game last year in a close vote over Tampa Bay. New Orleans already was awarded the 2013 game.

The Indianapolis Super Bowl will be played in an indoor stadium and that means the elements won’t impact the game. But the North Texas Super Bowl also was played indoors and Super Bowls aren’t just about the game. They’re about the week leading into the game and that week was a disaster in the Dallas area.

We won’t know for sure what role snow and ice will play in the Indianapolis Super Bowl week until it arrives. The same can be said for New York/New Jersey. But it’s a pretty safe assumption it will not be balmy in Indianapolis or New York/New Jersey in February.

New Orleans should be pretty safe. February weather there can fluctuate anywhere from warm to a little chilly. But New Orleans rarely gets frigid weather and ice and snow storms are virtually unheard of.

But Tampa Bay, where February weather is pretty stable, seems to be in a perfect position to get the 2015 game.

I understand the league has used Super Bowls to help some venues get new stadiums, but I think that trend has gotten out of hand. I think the league should go to a rotation in which Super Bowls are played only in Miami, Tampa Bay, New Orleans and Arizona. If San Diego gets a new stadium, then put it into the mix.

The league hit its worst-case scenario in North Texas. Miami, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Arizona and, potentially San Diego, all provide best-case scenarios when you’re looking at weather for an entire week in February.