Call It: Carolina's QB?

Thanks to the great folks at SportsNation and the wonders of modern technology, we’re going to unveil a new toy on the NFC South Blog right now.

The feature will be named “Call It’’ and it will give you a chance to vote on whatever happens to be the hot topic in the NFC South on a given day. We’re going to debut the poll by asking you which quarterback Carolina should draft with the No. 1 overall pick.

Notice, we’re going on the hypothetical assumption that the Panthers will draft a quarterback. So if you’re thinking the Panthers may go with a defensive lineman, LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson or Georgia receiver A.J. Green just go ahead and hit “other’’.

If you think the Panthers should go out and trade for a veteran quarterback or sign one in free agency, hit “other." If you’re a member of Jimmy Clausen's family or Tony Pike's family, hit “other."

Otherwise, go ahead and cast your vote for one of the three rookie quarterbacks.