You Called It: Aqib Talib

The voting is over in our Call It poll in which we asked you what the Buccaneers should do with troubled cornerback Aqib Talib.

More than 3,000 of you voted and the most common answer was that the Bucs need to part ways with Talib. Forty percent of you said Talib should be released and I think there’s a good chance of that happening soon after the lockout is over.

Twenty-eight percent of the voters agreed Talib should go, but they said it should happen in a trade. Nice idea because a talented young player like Talib ordinarily would seem to have value on the trade market. But with the possibility of legal issues and NFL discipline ahead, it might be difficult to find a team willing to part with anything for Talib.

The other choice in the voting was for the Bucs simply to keep Talib and 32 percent of voters picked that route. That’s certainly a possibility, but it may not be all that realistic to expect to see Talib playing for the Bucs on opening day. He’s still going through the legal system in Texas and could face jail time. Talib was suspended for the first game of last season and the NFL treats repeat offenders harshly.

Talib’s situation is likely to be reviewed by the league once the lockout ends. Even if the legal issues are cleared up, Talib still could face suspension by the league.