What was Roddy White thinking?

One of the questions I get frequently is which NFC South player is my favorite? The answer is none of them because I’ve got to be neutral, impartial, unbiased, dispassionate or whatever you want to call it.

However, on days like this I have a hard time not saying Atlanta’s Roddy White is my favorite. We’re in the middle of a lockout and things are a little slow. But someone just knocked on the door of NFC South Blog Headquarters and said, “Room service, courtesy of Mr. White."

Yes, the Atlanta wide receiver has been known to say a little more than he should before. Hey, he’s a wide receiver and it comes with the territory. But this one kind of came out of the blue on a slow Friday in April.

For no apparent reason I can come up with, White decided to sound off on San Francisco’s quarterback situation on his verified Twitter account.

“Why (are) the 49ers wasting their time with (A)lex (S)mith they need to move on better yet try to get (Andrew) (L)uck next year would be good for them,’’ White wrote.

What happened to staying in your own lane? And how did Alex Smith suddenly pop into White’s mind? I really don’t know. I'm also guessing that if there wasn't a lockout and Atlanta coach Mike Smith could talk to White, he'd probably tell him to stay off Twitter. But thanks for the room service, Mr. White.

San Francisco fans, feel free to light up the comments section.