The world according to Roddy White

Back in the 2006 season when I was covering the Carolina Panthers for The Charlotte Observer, co-worker Stan Olson and I had to play the Cover Two defense to handle the team’s two big-name wide receivers.

WhiteWhiteOur scheme was simple. If Keyshawn Johnson started talking in the locker room, one of us had to be there with a tape recorder. If Steve Smith started talking, the other one of us had to jump the route. You couldn’t leave Smith and Johnson alone because both of them were capable of saying something brilliant, outrageous or controversial.

Well, technology has changed and that’s good because, sadly, I no longer have Olson as a teammate, although I still talk to him frequently and sometimes join him when he's doing talk radio on Charlotte's WFNZ. The good news is you can cover Atlanta’s Roddy White one on one, at least from a media standpoint.

Yes, I’m installing a new policy here on the NFC South Blog. I’m going to make it a point to check White’s verified Twitter account every day. It’s been an issue before, most recently when White, for no apparent reason, ripped the San Francisco 49ers for keeping quarterback Alex Smith. He followed up by saying two coaches have been fired because of Smith’s performance.

Well, here’s the latest, White later issued an apology to San Francisco fans and said Smith’s a great player. In other news, it sounds like White is rooting for the Hawks in the NBA playoffs, he broke a sweat walking to his car in Phoenix and he apparently bought “ice’’ insurance. If you don’t know what that means, read all of his tweets and you should be able to figure it out.