Blogger mock draft coming Monday

The ESPN.com blog network is deep into our mock draft, which will run on Monday.

I’m doing the picking for the NFC South teams, and at last word Paul Kuharsky was about to make the pick at No. 11 for the Houston Texans. I started things off for Carolina, the way you’d probably expect. If you haven’t been following for the last month or so, scroll back through these pages. I didn’t do anything dramatic and stuck with what I’ve been hearing out of the Carolina camp and that means I took a certain quarterback.

Now, if something bizarre happens over the weekend, we may go back and blow up the whole mock and start over, but I’m not anticipating that.

What I am intrigued about is the other three picks I have to make. At the moment, only one defensive end is off the board. That means there should be some pass-rusher options for the Bucs at No. 20 and the Saints at No. 24 and I’ll certainly be looking hard at those guys when I make my picks for Tampa Bay and New Orleans.

Atlanta’s at No. 27, so I’m really at the mercy of the 26 picks ahead of me. I’ve got some ideas at defensive end and wide receiver, but we’ll have to see who’s left on the board.