Morris puts it all on the line for Adams

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Maybe this will change with time, as it did with John Fox and Sean Payton and we're still waiting to see on Mike Smith. But Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris hasn't developed much of a filter in dealing with the media yet.

He says what's really on his mind, which is kind of refreshing when you're used to canned quotes that don't have a lot of substance. Morris put it all out there when asked about his expectations for third-year defensive end Gaines Adams, a former first-round pick.

"Double-digit sacks," Morris said. "That is what he is going to be graded on. There is no secret about it. I have no problem telling Gaines, 'Hey Gaines, if you don't do it this year, then you are going to be considered a bust.' I told him that in the team meeting. I tell him that every once in a while when we walk out together. He can't wait. He is embracing it, and he is going to come out ready to play. There is no other thing that is going to define Gaines Adams more than his sacks and production. Production speaks volumes."

That answer's a lot more candid than the usual line ("Well, sacks don't tell you the whole story on a defensive end") that you get from most coaches. Morris has made it clear it's double-digit sacks or bust for Adams this year.