Call It: Panthers pick

We’ll start off today’s series of Call It polls with the Carolina Panthers. We’re going to give you a choice on who they should pick in Thursday’s NFL draft.

This one’s easy and unlike what we’ll be doing for the rest of the NFC South teams. Since the Panthers have the No. 1 overall pick, they don’t have to worry about what teams in front of them do. I already took Auburn quarterback Cam Newton in the ESPN.com Blog Network mock draft. Here’s your chance to mock our mock.

I’m not saying I think Newton necessarily is the right or wrong choice. I simply think he will be Carolina’s choice and that’s why I put him at No. 1. But you’re free to agree or disagree.

I threw out three other options, so look them over and cast your vote.

Tampa Bay will be featured in the next poll, which I’ll roll out in a bit. We’ll follow that with the Saints and Falcons.