Cam Newton brings cheers in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It was indeed Cam Newton. Despite a lot of contrary opinions from the media and fans, the Carolina Panthers just took the Auburn quarterback with the No. 1 pick in the draft.

NewtonNewtonThey had locked into Newton about a month ago and didn’t let the doubters make them change their mind.

Surprisingly, there were no boos as the live announcement was made outside Bank of America Stadium. In fact, the scene was quite joyous with about 5,000 fans applauding as Newton’s name was called by Commissioner Roger Goodell. The only boos came when Goodell stepped up a little earlier to announce the Panthers were on the clock. Think it’s safe to say that was related to the league’s labor situation.

Coach Ron Rivera and general manager Marty Hurney will be addressing the media shortly. I’ll see what they have to say and will be back with much more reaction and analysis on this pick in a bit.