Owners up next in Power Rankings

Our series of Power Rankings continues next Tuesday with the owners.

I’m getting ready to fill out my ballot either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I’m going to think through it a little bit more, but my first instinct is to include only one NFC South owner on this list.

I won’t name him here, but you might be able to figure it out. I’ve already crossed ownership of two teams off my mental list because these are figures that have been loathed by their fans at times, although I don’t think either necessarily qualifies as a bad owner.

There’s another guy I automatically would have put very high on the list a few years back. He’s a former player, who has a great reputation around the league. I still think the world of the guy, but he’s made some questionable moves, mostly relating to the labor situation, and I want to see how his moves play out before I go declaring him a great owner.

The guy I’m thinking about putting on my ballot is an owner who made some big mistakes in the past. But he also learned from those mistakes and seems to have his team on very solid ground these days.

That should narrow down what I’m thinking. But I’m always willing to hear your input. Which NFC South owners or owners do you think belong on the top-10 list? Feel free to hit the mailbag or the comments section below.