'Hard Knocks' on Tampa Bay's door

We first told you back in March that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were getting strong consideration to be the team featured in this summer’s edition of HBO’s “Hard Knocks."

Well, it looks like that’s getting closer to being a reality. No deal has been agreed to yet, but Scott Reynolds reports that the show has been offered to the Buccaneers and it’s up to the Bucs to decide if they want to take all the good and the bad that comes with opening all your doors, windows and closets to NFL Films for more than a month.

As I pointed out in this post back in March, there are all sorts of good and bad things that can come with something like this. It could help boost the profile a young team that appears to be rising but still is having trouble selling tickets. It also could put coaches and players into spots that could portray them in a negative light.

In this story, Rick Stroud has more on the pros and cons of appearing on “Hard Knocks." He caught up with Herm Edwards, who was coaching Kansas City when the Chiefs were featured on the show. Edwards does a nice job explaining the good and the bad sides.

Of course, the labor situation could make this all a moot point. If there is no training camp, there won’t be a new edition of “Hard Knocks." But that’s out of Tampa Bay’s control.

The Bucs have to make a big decision as an organization on this one. There’s little doubt the exposure would be beneficial. But the other thing they have to be willing to accept is the fact that, if they sign off on this, things will be out of their control.

The camera crews will be free to capture everything. The Bucs, like any NFL team, have some wonderful things going on and personalities like coach Raheem Morris and quarterback Josh Freeman could really shine in this environment. But, like any other NFL team, the Bucs also have some things and players that may not come across in a positive light.

They’ve got to put it all on a scale and ultimately decide if the good outweighs the bad.