Your Call: Steve Smith's future in Carolina

Time to look at the results of our recent Call It poll on the future of wide receiver Steve Smith with the Carolina Panthers.

SmithSmithLet’s be fair to Smith and preface this by saying he came out Tuesday and said he has not asked for a trade. But he did admit he’s unsure what his future holds. Much of that has to do with the lockout and labor uncertainty, because the Panthers can’t make any roster moves during a lockout.

But I think most readers have a pretty good grip on how this situation will eventually play out. We received more than 5,000 votes and 77 percent said Smith will not be with the Panthers in 2011.

My guess is that number would be a pretty good read on the real-life odds of Smith being gone from the Panthers. It would be sad for fans in some ways because Smith might be the best player in franchise history.

But he also has some legs left and might do more for his career and chances at the Hall of Fame if he goes to an established team that has a shot to win right away. Smith’s spent his entire career with the Panthers, but it might be in his best interest to finish it somewhere else.

You’ve had your say, but we’ll see what Smith and the Panthers say once the lockout is over.