A deeper look at Arthur Blank's style

Last week we rolled out ESPN.com’s Power Rankings of the NFL owners and Atlanta’s Arthur Blank made the list.

In fact, he was the only NFC South owner to make the top 10 and the only one to receive a vote. When I put Blank on my ballot, part of the reason was because I see a man who has learned from mistakes and is constantly looking to improve.

I just came across one of the most complete profiles I’ve ever read on Blank. It goes deep into the philosophies he has used to make Home Depot a huge success and touches on how he has put the Falcons on a positive path in recent years. This is not a story that’s heavy on football. It’s much more about business and Blank’s philosophies.

But I think you can read one quote in the story and begin to understand why Blank and the Falcons were so aggressive in last month’s NFL draft when they traded up to get Alabama receiver Julio Jones.

“The day you think you kind of got it all figured out in any business is the day you’re going to get in trouble,’’ Blank said.

Translation, the Falcons weren’t at all content with last season’s 13-3 season, which concluded with a playoff loss to Green Bay. Blank wants his team to take the next step and he’s willing to make bold moves like the trade up to get Jones. I think it’s pretty clear Blank’s also ready to make a big move to get the Falcons a pass-rusher whenever free agency opens.