Hitting the NFC South links

Time for an evening look at the NFC South headlines.

Carolina linebacker Jon Beason scored a victory in court Thursday. A man had filed a civil suit for damages, saying Beason had hit him in a Charlotte nightclub. Beason countersued and won. He was awarded $1 in damages, which, at the moment puts him on the same pay scale as Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith.

Add the Denver Broncos to the list of teams to decline to be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.’’ Not really surprising because Carolina fans know how Denver coach John Fox is about keeping his team out of the public eye. By the way, we already know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers declined “Hard Knocks.’’ I don’t think any of the other three NFC South teams are in the running. According to officials from each of those teams, they either are not interested in being featured or have not been approached by representatives of the show.

The speculation continues about Chad Ochocinco landing with the Atlanta Falcons. Most of the speculation seems to be centered on the fact Atlanta quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski used to be with Cincinnati and is close to Ochocinco. But I don’t see this one happening. The Falcons just drafted Julio Jones. They’ve already got a top receiver in Roddy White and have some other talent (Harry Douglas, Michael Jenkins, Eric Weems and Kerry Meier) at the position. Besides, Ochocinco has a strong dose of the diva personality that comes with many receivers. White has a touch of that, but the Falcons do a nice job of keeping him in check. Coach Mike Smith is a no-frills guy and I doubt there’d be any reason he would think it would be a good idea to put Ochocinco and White in the same locker room.

Once again, the agent for Tampa Bay rookie defensive end Da’Quan Bowers said his client will be ready for training camp. The agent also disputes reports about Bowers’ knee possibly limiting him to a very short career.