Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

We started the NFC South chat early Friday and, despite the lockout, you came up with all sorts of great questions. Let’s run through some of the highlights.

Rohil Prathap (Atlanta, Ga.): Hey Pat, what do you think are the falcons chances of bringing in Chad Ochocinco? Because ive been hearing alot of rumors that Bob Bratkowski wants to bring him in.

Pat Yasinskas: Bob Bratkowski's the QB coach. Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff make decisions. I know Bratkowski and Ochocinco have history, but Falcons don't have a need. They've got Roddy White, Julio Jones, Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas, Eric Weems and Kerry Meier. They kind of let Roddy push the envelope a bit with the "diva receiver" personality, but Roddy doesn't have it as bad as most. You bring in Ochocinco and you could lead Roddy down a bad road and ruin what has been very good team chemistry. I don't see this one happening.

Doug (Charlotte, N.C.): Do you think Brandon Hogan can mature and become a shutdown corner for Carolina?

Pat Yasinskas: Understandably, people are questioning his background. But people might not know his whole story yet. Panthers did their homework on him and they obviously think he's a kid who can straighten things out. I'll try to shed more light on this one in the coming weeks.

Ryan (Wilmington N.C.): Pat, even if the lockout lingers..Cam is working hard with Weinke and Dorsey and learning the playbook already.. Do you really think the lockout will affect his chances to start that much?

Pat Yasinskas: You really think Weinke and Dorsey know the current Carolina playbook that well? I'm sure they can help him with some basics, but I think he needs at least a pretty-close-to-full training camp to be ready to start the opener.

Josh (Canada): Pat, if you were running a franchise, would you want to appear on Hard Knocks?

Pat Yasinskas: Depends, if I were the owner, the ticket people or the marketing people, I'd be all for it. If I was the coach, no way.

Jay (St. Pete, Fla.): Any word on Arrelious Benn? I really thought he was coming on strong opposite Mike Williams last year.

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, go back and read post on Rudy Carpenter from a couple days ago. Carpenter's been working out with Benn in California and says he's running well. Said they've also been working on helping Benn get a better grasp of the offense.

Here’s the entire transcript of the NFC South chat.