Your thoughts on NFC South maligned players

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

On Tuesday, I asked for your thoughts on the most maligned players in the NFC South now that Jason David is gone from the Saints.

I threw out a few candidates -- Jake Delhomme, Jeremy Shockey, Chris Houston and Ronde Barber -- and you responded with some other options. Here's a sampling:

Jesse in McDonough, Ga. writes: You really picked Chris Houston over Jamaal Anderson for the most maligned Falcons player? Seriously?

Pat Yasinskas: Hey, no argument with you on Anderson, who has underachieved in the first two years of his career. But I guess I was looking ahead because I think the Anderson situation will resolve itself. If he doesn't produce quickly this year, he'll be on the bench or maybe even gone.

Nathan in Cary, NC writes: Pat,I agree that Delhomme is one of the most maligned players in the NFC South, and would put him at the top of the list. Since the playoff game against Arizona, he has received far more negative press than good. However, what about Julius Peppers? After the contract fiasco, he seems to be on the short end of a fair number of barbs. Of course, his abilities on the field have not come under question as of late, so maybe he falls into a different category.

Pat Yasinskas: Not a bad option at all. It seems like Carolina fans have welcomed Peppers back after an ugly offseason. But let's say he gets off to a slow start. I can see how all his talk about wanting out of Carolina could come back to haunt him in a big way.

James in New Orleans writes: Hey Pat, Charles Grant's annual weight problem and lack of production in recent years has really ticked off Saints' fans. All this after he signed a monster contract that the team is stuck with. Then you throw in the 4 game suspension. He is skating on thin ice in New Orleans and fans are already hoping that McCray or Hargrove will take Grant's spot atop the depth chart. I'd say he's definitely the most maligned player on the Saints, even more than Shockey. Maybe more than any player in the division.

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, Grant is a prime candidate. Good call. He's got a huge contract and hasn't done much in recent years. If Anthony Hargrove or Bobby McCray play well while Grant's suspended, it's entirely possible that he may not come back to a starting job.