Talib continues to prepare for football

Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib is expected to be hit with an indictment on an assault charge Friday. But that doesn’t mean anything will be decided soon.

It could take months for Talib’s case to go to trial and the legal system in Texas could decide Talib’s immediate future. Prison is a possibility if he is convicted. He also could be disciplined by the NFL or the Buccaneers, but the league and teams aren’t allowed to issue suspensions or fines during the lockout. The labor stoppage also has put a freeze on player transactions, so the Bucs can’t release Talib while the lockout remains in place.

There are all sorts of variables here and the timing of Talib’s trial and the timing of the end of the lockout could be important factors. But at least in the short term, Talib is preparing for next season.

Teammates said Talib has been coming out to players-only workouts run by quarterback Josh Freeman on a fairly regular basis this offseason. The workouts have been mostly for offensive players, but the teammates said Talib has gone through workouts in the weight room and worked as a wide receiver on the field. The teammates said Talib sometimes will line up at cornerback and shadow receivers on their routes, but no contact is allowed and he's been one of the few defensive players to show up.

Talib was not at the workouts earlier this week. But teammates said he joined them at some earlier sessions.

UPDATE: Talib officially has been indicted.