Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

Thanks to all those who took time out of their holiday weekend to take part in Friday’s NFC South chat. We covered lots of ground and here are a few of the highlights.

nick (NC): So what do you think Cam Newton can do by going to the player workouts that are coming by the panther players, what do you think he can learn?

Pat Yasinskas: More than learning, I think it's a wise move by him to attend just so he can bond with his teammates and show he's one of the guys.

Marc Mandin (Atlanta): Is anyone leading the Bucs defense in workouts?

Pat Yasinskas: Not any full defense workouts. But Gerald McCoy has six of the defensive linemen working out together in San Diego this week. If lockout reaches late June or early July, Freeman has plans to bring in the defensive guys and do full team workouts.

Greg (Watertown, CT): Providing everyone stays relatively healthy (and there is a season), is Mike Mularkey on any sort of hot seat? You can't really say that Ryan no longer lacks tools, so is this a make or break season for the OC? I ask, because a lot of fans are sick of the two yards and a cloud of little rubber astroturf play calling.

Pat Yasinskas: I think there's some pressure. I also think there's a realization that they need to tweak the offense a bit and put more on Ryan's shoulders. I think the play calling has held him back at times. They need to let him do what he does best.

Scott (Northglenn, CO): I assume that Reggie Bush and the Saints will realize they are the best matches for each other. If this is true, do Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory end up elsewhere?

Pat Yasinskas: I think Pierre is a guy who could have some decent trade value.

Here’s the entire transcript of the NFC South chat.