Terrelle Pryor in the NFC South?

With Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor entering the supplemental draft, there comes an obvious question. Could he land anywhere in the NFC South?

I’d say it’s a very long shot. Let’s run through the situation with each team.

Falcons. They’re in a “win-now’’ mode and it would be highly unlikely for a team that gave up much of this year’s draft and next year’s to get Julio Jones to give up another pick in 2012. They’re set with Matt Ryan as their quarterback for at least the next decade.

Panthers. They just used a first-round pick on Cam Newton and they used a second-round choice on Jimmy Clausen last year. Even if the Panthers view Pryor as a wide receiver or tight end, as some teams reportedly do, they’re not likely to take on a project like this. They’ve already got Armanti Edwards, a former college quarterback they’re trying to turn into a wide receiver.

Saints. Offensive guru Sean Payton might be able to see something we can’t, but it’s hard to imagine Pryor playing quarterback in this offense. The Saints have been known to think outside the box and have shown patience in developing players. If Payton thinks Pryor could develop at another position, he might take a shot. But that would only come with a late-round pick.

Buccaneers. They’re set at quarterback with Josh Freeman and they’re pretty well stocked at receiver and tight end. The Bucs also are very conscious of their image these days and it’s hard to imagine them taking a shot on a player who left college in the middle of a scandal.