Huge financial year for Matt Ryan

The upcoming season isn’t big for Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan just on the playing field. It’s also a huge one financially as he tries to get over a significant hump and win his first playoff game.

According to Sports Illustrated, Ryan ranks No. 8 on the list of the 50 best-paid athletes this year as he’s expected to make $32.7 million. That’s largely because Ryan is due a $22 million roster bonus on top of a base salary that’s over $10 million. The magazine also factors in endorsement money and estimates Ryan will make about $400,000.

The list goes beyond the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. It also includes athletes in golf, tennis and NASCAR. Ryan is second among NFL players. Peyton Manning leads NFL players and is expected to make more than $38 million.

Here’s a recent list we ran of the top 2011 salaries for NFC South players. But let’s clarify and remind you that these are base salaries only -- bonuses and endorsements are not included.