Your observations on the Panthers

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

I asked for your observations on the Panthers from Saturday night's game against the Dolphins because I wasn't able to see it. As always, you came through. There were dozens of scouting reports. We can't run them all, but I picked out some that represented what a lot of you were seeing. Thanks to all who helped out.

Justin in Little Rock writes: I am hoping this tradition of the Panthers as a "flop team" after a winning season is not as legendary as it seems at the moment. Our players are dropping like flies and it is building a perfect equation for a disappointing season. Maake, Beason, Smith almost bit it, Stewart, and Otah had a scary moment in this game. Who's next? The Panther nation is holding their breathe.

Sam in Apex, N.C., writes: Earlier I sent a comment about trading one of our backup linebackers for a decent DT but this injury to Beason worries me and I now feel I need to take back what I said before. When I was watching the game and he was able to play through the knee for a few downs I figured it was minor but Mort's tweet you blogged about has me nervous and with the Stewart's Achilles issue becoming more and more serious as time goes by I am left wondering if my team can repeat a trip to the playoffs with the 2nd toughest schedule in the league.

Phil in Myrtle Beach, S.C., writes: Panthers observations: depth on the OL is a worry, Otah went down and all Panthers fans collectively held our breathe. DT is a big concern especially in concern to run defense. Captain Munnerlyn is a steal in the 7th round between his CB skills and return skills he should have definitely gone sooner DeAngelo Williams is a top tier running back in this league possibly in the top 5Julius Peppers looks to be back to his 2.5 sack season absolutely no drive or passion in his play Everette Brown displayed his quickness and pass rushing abilities in causing a fumble in the 3rd quarter. Carolina has lacked a 3rd WR since ole trusty Ricky Proehl retired, Dwayne Jarrett just isn't trustworthy enough, the guy who replaced him at USC Patrick Turner looked much better then Jarret.8 catches by three TE, King and Rasario had nice grabs from Matt Moore. just a few observations from me

Nathan in Cary, N.C., writes: Some quick observations from the Panther's preseason game against the Dolphins: The defensive mentality of running to the football is more than just words. They swarmed on almost every play, with the linebackers leading the way. The backup trio of James Anderson, Dan Connor and "J" Lehman were outstanding. Lehman is making a great case for a roster spot.

Alan in Matthews, N.C., writes: Observed in the Carolina - Miami game:The Panthers are a QB away from being a Super Bowl team. When Delhomme is good, the offense moves without a problem. Just don't expect him to be good two drives in a row.

Jeff in Charlotte writes: I was very impressed with Jake and his decision making and he looked very poised in the pocket, a good sign that he has gotten over the Arizona game. Deangelo Williams is ready for the Regular Season, did you see that -6 yard play turn into a 25 yard TD? Jeff Davidon really wants to get the TEs involved as they had some big catches throughout the night.