Heath Evans: Saints have leg up on NFL

Veteran fullback Heath Evans said the New Orleans Saints might be the league’s best prepared team once the NFL lockout ends.

Although he can become an unrestricted free agent, Evans has said previously he would like to re-sign with the Saints. He’s been taking part in the players-only workouts the Saints have been having much of the offseason. In this radio interview, Evans said those workouts could help set the Saints apart from the rest of the league.

“Really the only difference is Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma,’’ Evans said. “I’m not saying that other teams don’t have great leadership because I know that exists on most teams in this league. I think there’s very few teams that have it on both sides of the ball. … Everything [Drew] does is methodically mapped out and planned out. The guy’s been playing in this league 10 years, going on 11. He’s been through plenty of minicamps. … Those guys are doing a great thing and I definitely think it’s going to give the Saints a leg up, an advantage, especially early on in the season if this lockout pushes on into late July, early August.”

Evans also provided some insight into what he thinks makes a great coach and he sang the praises of Sean Payton and another guy he played for previously, New England’s Bill Belichick.

“Humility,’’ Evans said. “That’s the one thing that attracted me to Sean Payton. And as arrogant as Bill [Belichick] comes across, there was two or three times in my four-year stay there where that coach just came in, even after our Super Bowl loss in Super Bowl XLII (and said), ‘Guys, I’m sorry. I should’ve done a better job for you guys today.’ And it wasn’t lip service. … Those are the type of head coaches you’ll run through a brick wall for.”