Some very deep numbers on the Falcons

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

For those who like to really dig into obscure numbers, KC Joyner has some on the Falcons.
I was one of those people that was good at English and history and not so good at math in school, but a few of Joyner's numbers really jumped out at me.

His first point is about how Matt Ryan improved his decision making from his final year at Boston College to his rookie season with the Falcons. Joyner said that Ryan made bad decisions on 7.5 percent of his passes his final year in college. He cut that number down to 2.4 percent in his first NFL season and showed a willingness to throw the ball out of bounds when the situation called for it.

Joyner also points out that the Falcons aren't totally a zone-blocking team, as many people think, and that Michael Turner did some good things behind man blocking. There also are some numbers on Atlanta's offensive line, but I think the most interesting thing here is that Joyner said left tackle Sam Baker was off to a Pro Bowl start before running into injury problems in his rookie year. That's good news because Baker is healthy now and should be even better than he was as a rookie.