Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a look at some highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat.

CB (Charleston, sc): Afternoon Pat, with the expected signing of Ray Edwards by the Falcons, will Abraham's numbers see a significant drop?

Pat Yasinskas: Don't think they'd be bringing him in to replace Abe, at least not in the short term. Think they'd play Edwards or whatever pass-rusher they get along with Abe. Having strong pass-rusher to go along with him could actually help Abe's numbers.

Gur (Edgware, UK): Since Freeman's minicamp conflicts with the NFLPA's rookie symposium, which do you think is more important for Bucs' rookies to attend?

Pat Yasinskas: Pretty sure agents will advise them to go to the symposium. Agents don't really want them in workouts before they've signed contracts because they're worried about injury. Also, the schedule is such that they theoretically could do the symposium and still attend last day of workouts because symposium is only two days and workouts are three.

Tim (Camarillo Ca): Hey Pat, I think Jimmy Grahm is the next pro bowl TE in the NFL. What are your thoughts on him and his chances to really have a big year?

Pat Yasinskas: Obviously, Saints are really high on Graham. That's why they were able to let Shockey grow. I think Graham developed way faster last year than they ever expected. Moving forward, I think Sean Payton will find even more ways to get him involved and he could be a star.

Amit (Mississippi): Which Saints RB will lead the team in carries, and which will lead the team in yards?

Pat Yasinskas: I'm going with Ingram in both categories.

Luke T (Charlotte): Will the addition of Jeremy Shockey have any real effect on the Panthers' offense?

Pat Yasinskas: Personally, I think Shockey might be at the end of the road. But Panthers believe he's got something left and he has history with Chudzinski. They want to make the TE a bigger part of the passing game than it's been since the Wesley Walls days. We'll see what Shockey has left.

Here’s the complete transcript from Friday’s NFC South chat.