NFC South programming notes

Let’s take a quick look at the week ahead in the NFC South.

It’s “Best of the NFL’’ week on ESPN.com and you’ll see all sorts of best throughout our site. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll have lists of bests in all sorts of categories for NFC South players, coaches and franchises on this blog. As part of the “best’’ theme we also will have our Power Rankings on the 10 best overall players in the NFL. I’ve seen the results of our voting, but am sworn to secrecy until they’re unveiled Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, I’ll be an hour or so south of NFC South Blog Headquarters. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by quarterback Josh Freeman, will be holding their version of a minicamp at IMG Academies. The NFLPA also will be holding its version of the rookie symposium at IMG Academies and it initially looked like I’d be covering that. But the NFLPA has decided not to open the event to the media and access to players will be limited to a very brief period after the event is over. It looks like our television side will handle the rookie event and share some video with us and I’ll focus on the Buccaneers.

I’ll also be working ahead on some future columns for down the road. I’ve been enlisted to take a turn in our Hot Button series. The debate is going to be on if Plaxico Burress or Tiki Barber has a better chance of helping a team this year. Let me be clear, I don’t think either of those guys is going to land in the NFC South this year, but I will be making the case on which one of them I think can have a bigger impact on a team somewhere else.

I’ll also continue on our series that looks at the chances of some current NFC South players eventually getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We’ve already examined Drew Brees and Tony Gonzalez. Next on the list will be a combination piece where I’ll take New Olreans’ Darren Sharper and Tampa Bay’s Ronde Barber and explore the possibility of them landing in the Hall of Fame.

Other than that, we’ll just wait to see what happens on the labor front and be ready to react if the lockout is lifted.