Off to watch the Buccaneers

BRADENTON, Fla. -- I will head over to IMG Academies shortly to watch the Bucs begin a players-only minicamp.

Not quite sure all to expect because we’re in a lockout and players are on their own. Quarterback Josh Freeman has organized this event and I’m sure it largely will be similar to what the Bucs do when their coaches are running the show.

I saw a few of the workouts Freeman organized in Tampa a few weeks ago and those were pretty much limited to quarterbacks, receivers and running backs. This session is supposed to include some defensive players and there likely will be some seven-on-seven work.

I’ll check back in with what I see a later on. Meantime, keep a look out for our Power Rankings on the top 10 players in the NFL. Also, keep a look out for an item on “bests’’ of the NFC South in a variety of categories as we begin our Best of the NFL Week.