NFC South programming notes

A few NFC South programming notes as we get ready for Fourth of July weekend.

A bit later Friday, we’ll continue our series in which we look at the Hall of Fame chances for some current NFC South players. The next installment will feature a look at two veteran defensive backs -- New Orleans safety Darren Sharper and Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber. If you haven’t voted for one of them in our recent Call It poll, consider this your final reminder to do so.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame and polls, jump over to SportsNation, where there is a whole package of polls about current and former players with a chance at the Hall of Fame. One of them includes Sharper. Carolina fans, if you can forgive him for leaving, Julius Peppers’ name appears on a few of the polls.

We’ll also have an item later today on how frequently NFC South teams used six offensive linemen last season. I think you’ll be somewhat surprised to see two teams used the formation more often than just about any other teams in the league.

On Tuesday, we’ll have our weekly Hot Button debate on our main NFL page. This debate is about if a team would be better off signing Plaxico Burress or Tiki Barber. I took Barber and made a case that he can help a team -- maybe even one in the NFC South, although I think that’s a long shot.

Due to the holiday weekend, we won’t be doing the NFC South chat this Friday. Also, I’ll be out next week, so we won’t have another chat until July 15 and, hopefully, the labor situation will be settled by then and we’ll have some real football to talk about. Things may be a little quiet next week, but our editors will pop up some headlines and video and you might see an item or two from a guest blogger. Heck, you might even see analysis pieces on how all four teams stand coming out of the lockout. I’ve got them written already and we can hit the button on them if we get word that the lockout officially is coming to an end. I’ll be back at it July 11.