Hitting the NFC South links

Time for a quick run through some headlines from around the NFC South.

Former NFL coach Brian Billick has a list of guys he thinks will be the top 10 defensive linemen in free agency. Pay close attention here because Billick obviously knows the game and the NFC South is likely to be a player when it comes to defensive linemen. Atlanta seems almost certain to pursue a pass-rusher, and Carolina still could be in the market for a defensive tackle. Some of the names you see on this list could end up in those places.

Atlanta cornerback Dunta Robinson said the Falcons are a team that will be ready coming out of the lockout.

A house owned by former New Orleans running back Deuce McAllister is being put up for auction.

Anticipating the lockout will end soon, Carolina linebacker Dan Connor returned to Charlotte to get ready for the possible opening of training camp on July 28.