Panthers minicamp Friday? Probably not

New Carolina tight end Jeremy Shockey said in an interview that if the labor deal is finished Thursday, the Panthers will begin a three-day minicamp on Friday.

There’s one small problem with this: Shockey seems to be the only one aware of such plans. I talked to two team officials Monday night and both said no plans were in place for a minicamp. Both officials said the team is waiting for league guidance on how to proceed coming out of the lockout.

Steve Reed talked to Jordan Gross and several other veteran Carolina players and they also said they were not aware of any plans for a minicamp.

While the idea of a quick minicamp may sound nice, it’s not very realistic. First off, the NFL remains in a lockout. That means, even if the Panthers wanted to have a minicamp, they would not be able to notify their players of any such plans until the lockout is lifted.

The team officials said they’re not sure if the league will even allow minicamps and were skeptical that they’d be able to pull off all of the logistics necessary so quickly. Both officials said the team is continuing with plans to begin training camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C., on either July 28 or 29.