Buccaneers: cutdown analysis

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Biggest surprise: The Bucs traded up to draft defensive tackle Dre Moore in the fourth round. Only a starter through about half of his college career at Maryland, Moore was more about potential than production. The potential never showed through training camp and the preseason and Moore was released.

No-brainer: Back in the offseason and as recently as a couple days ago, the Bucs were telling other teams they had trade offers for Chris Simms. It now seems obvious they must never have had any solid offers for Simms, who they ended up releasing. Simms had begged out of Tampa Bay months ago and the Bucs insisted on dragging him through training camp even though it was apparent he never was in their plans. What did they get out of that whole charade? Nothing. The end of this scenario wasn't that difficult to see because Simms hadn't played in a regular-season game in almost two years and the rest of the league knew Simms had no chance of sticking in Tampa Bay. The Bucs came off looking really bad in this situation and it could have been avoided if Tampa Bay had shown a little decency and Simms was given his release a lot earlier.

What's next: Kicker Matt Bryant had a tough preseason, but the Bucs are sticking with him because he's been solid in the past. But the Bucs aren't known for their patience. Bryant's going to be under the microscope. If he struggles at the start of the season, the confidence the Bucs have in Bryant could be lost. There are a lot of veteran kickers available and Bryant will start the season on a short leash.