Evening update around NFC South

BUFORD, Ga. -- I’ll be out at Flowery Branch on Thursday morning to watch the Falcons and my Camp Confidential profile on the Panthers will go up early Thursday afternoon.

In the meantime, let’s take a quick run through the NFC South headlines.

Free-agent defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove has left the Saints to join the Eagles. Not a huge surprise. The Saints got a couple of productive years from Hargrove, but it’s obvious they were looking to move on. They brought in veterans Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin and they’ll rotate with Sedrick Ellis.

Cadillac Williams reportedly has agreed to terms with the Rams. That ends any chance of him returning to the Buccaneers as a third-down back. But I don’t think the Bucs view this as a catastrophic loss. They made a run at Darren Sproles to fill that role before he decided to sign with New Orleans. The Bucs will go out and get someone else to handle that role. By the way, I have the utmost respect for Williams, who has overcome a couple of devastating knee injuries. But who thinks it's a good idea for a running back with a history of knee problems to go to a team that plays its games in a dome with an artificial surface?

The Saints lost free-agent center Jonathan Goodwin to San Francisco. It wasn’t an accident. Goodwin has been a very good player for the Saints, but he’s 32. The team began preparing for this moment last year when it drafted Matt Tennant.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took questions from Carolina fans in Spartanburg, S.C. on Wednesday evening. One of them was about the possibility of Charlotte hosting a Super Bowl. Goodell sort of danced around that one, but you can read into his statement that it’s probably a long shot because Charlotte isn’t loaded with hotel rooms.