Ex-teammate: Derek Anderson not a mentor

It’s kind of ironic that right after the Carolina Panthers brought in Derek Anderson partly to serve as a mentor for Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen, a former teammate said the quarterback refused to take on that role last year.

In a radio interview with KTAR Radio in Phoenix, Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Skelton said he got no help from Anderson or Matt Leinart when he was a rookie last year. Skelton was asked if Anderson and Leinart reached out to help him last season.

“To be honest, no they didn’t,’’ Skelton said.

Skelton wound up starting late last season after Anderson and Leinart both struggled.

“Derek and Matt in camp kind of did their own thing," Skelton said. "They were established guys. They'd been around. They knew the ropes. They kind of had their own agendas.’’

With Anderson and Leinart both out of Arizona and Kevin Kolb on board, Skelton said things are better this year.

“I think the chemistry in the quarterback room alone is 10 times better than it was last year,’’ Skelton said.