NFC South salary-cap update

I didn’t have time to look at the NFC South mailbag while I was making my rounds of training camps. I’ll post a full mailbag sometime in the next few days.

But I just took a quick glimpse into the mailbag and saw one question that I thought was worthy of a stand-alone post. Here it is.

Daniel in Hoboken, N.J., asks if I can supply current information where the NFC South teams are in relation to the salary cap.

Pat Yasinskas: I’ll do my best, but please understand that these numbers are very close, but might not be entirely precise in some situations. It’s training camp and teams are still signing and releasing players and not every recent transaction may be included in the most recent numbers I’ve been able to get. Also, let me first give you numbers on where teams stand when it comes to the top 51 cap figures, because that’s what counts right now. Once we get to the regular season, all cap figures will be counted. At the moment, Atlanta has $1.18 million in cap room. Carolina has $2.5 million. New Orleans has $2.7 million in cap space and Tampa Bay is at $29 million.

Now, let’s look ahead to beyond the top 51. These numbers will change dramatically as players are released, but teams still will be on the hook for any signing bonuses they gave to those players. Teams also may have to make other adjustments to get below the $123 million cap.

But, as it stands right now, Atlanta would be $13.1 million over the cap. Carolina would be $13.7 million over the cap.

New Orleans would be $13.4 million over the cap and Tampa Bay would be $14.8 million under the cap.