Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

After completing our rounds of the NFC South training camps, we were able to cover all sorts of ground in Friday’s NFC South chat. We talked plenty about all four teams. Here are some of the highlights.

Max Mahlke (Fayetteville): I've been reading reports of Clausen playing very good in practice and finally throwing downfield and not just short stuff. Is there any chance he wins and keeps the starting job long term. What percent would you guess of this happening 1% 10% 30%?

Pat Yasinskas: My guess is Cam wins the job if he's even half-way decent in the preseason games. Panthers want to go with Cam.

Watts (Lafayette, LA): How well do you think Darren Sproles will fit into the Saints offense? Also, what team do you think will win the division?

Pat Yasinskas: I honestly think he'll be an upgrade over Reggie.

Scott M (Greensboro, NC): Hey Pat I'm a die heart Tampa Bay fan and I was wondering why didn't the Bucs make a splash in free agency? We had the most money to spend in the league and need help in certain positions (safety, linebacker, back-up running back etc) what gives? I was proud and a little surprised how well we did last season but with the money available it seems like we could have made our team a lot better a lot faster, your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: Their plan is to keep the team good for the long term. That's why they spent big money to keep Davin Joseph and Quincy Black and I think you'll see them extend contracts of some of their other young players so that they never even get close to hitting free agency.

DiMaggio (Atlanta, GA): Great column Pat...What’s the real deal with Ray Edwards knee surgery? Why did the Falcons coaching staff keep it under wraps? Will he be productive as other or will this hinder him in the regular season?

Pat Yasinskas: All I know is I talked to someone with Falcons after Smith revealed it and this person swore it was really minor and they're just being cautious with it.

Here’s the transcript of the entire NFC South chat.