Bucs want Trueblood to start

A lot of times, you can tell what a team thinks of a player simply by looking at his contract.

In the case of Jeremy Trueblood, it’s pretty obvious the Bucs would like him to be their starting right tackle. Although he was injured and lost his starting job to James Lee last season, it sure looks like the Bucs want Trueblood back in the starting lineup. He’s been working with the first team through most of training camp.

I just got a look at his official contract numbers and Trueblood is being paid like a starter and also has a chance to increase his pay. The two-year deal the Bucs signed Trueblood to at the start of free agency is pretty interesting. On the surface, it’s worth $8 million and included no signing bonus.

Trueblood is scheduled to make $3.75 million this season and $4.25 million next year. That basically translates into decent starter money for a right tackle.

But the deal is designed so that Trueblood gets rewarded nicely if he reclaims his starting job. Trueblood could earn an extra $2 million. His deal includes playing-time incentives that could earn him up to $1 million. It also includes the possibility of an escalator that would boost next year’s salary by $1 million.