How the Foxworth trade went down

Posted by ESPN.com' s Bill Williamson

I just got off the phone with Domonique Foxworth. He was headed to the Atlanta Falcons' facility after taking a 6 a.m. flight from Denver. A physical and meetings await.

"It's been a hectic 24 hours," Foxworth said. "But it's for the best."

Foxworth said he was contacted by the Broncos early Tuesday morning. He was told that he had a flight to Atlanta in six hours. He was told he was the newest member of the Atlanta Falcons.

That phone call ended a long day for Foxworth. It started Monday morning when he was summoned into coach Mike Shanahan's office. Shanahan told Foxworth that the Broncos were talking to seven or eight teams and that he would be traded in the next day or so. Foxworth, who earlier this year said he heard rumors that he would be traded to Detroit or Cleveland, was told to go home and await the deal.

After a fairly quiet afternoon, Foxworth said things got heated up in the evening. He was in constant contact with his agent Brian Mackler, who was in contact with the Broncos and interested teams. Foxworth said it came down to the Falcons, Houston and Kansas City. Foxworth said the Chiefs wanted him to sign an extension for one year. His contract is up after this season and he is a free agent. He said he didn't want to sign a one-year deal, and he didn't know how well he fits into the Chiefs' defensive scheme.

"In the end, this is the best fit for me," Foxworth said. "I will miss Denver in some ways, but this is my new home now."

Foxworth and the Falcons meet Denver Nov. 16.