Reviewing film of NFC South chat

Carolina rookie quarterback Cam Newton (and his competition with Jimmy Clausen for the starting job) was the hottest topic in Friday’s NFC South chat.

But we covered lots of other ground. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

ck (Charlotte, NC): If Cam plays well, throws a touchdown and no picks. He will be the Starter when they play week one. Agree or disagree?

Pat Yasinskas: Agree. Will have a poll going up on blog shortly in which you can vote for who you think Carolina's opening-day starter will be. My vote right now is Cam. Unless he goes out and just plays horribly tonight, I think he gets the job.

Ted (Charlotte, NC): Let's be honest, Cam Newton is a rookie and could very well not have a good game against the Dolphins. What does it take for Cam NOT to be named the starter week 1?

Pat Yasinskas: Go out and throw a couple picks and look totally lost in the offense. It could happen. But, at the same time, I think he'll be surrounded by the starters and that should prevent any major disaster.

E.B. (Decatur, GA): Pat, I feel like the Falcons are close to contending for a championship. I would have liked to see them go after another veteran corner although they have Owens and Franks battling it out for the Nickel spot. What do they need to do in your mind in order to bring a title home this season?

Pat Yasinskas: Understand your thinking. But their thinking is that Owens and Franks both have lots of potential and one of them should step up. They could have gone out and re-signed the veteran they had the last couple years (drawing a blank on his name at the moment, but he played in Jacksonville before Atlanta). They thought about it, but decided if they brought him back it would hold back the development of Owens and Franks.

Sharell (NCFalconFan): Very happy with my team (everyone can say that in preseason). My 2 concern, Smitty and Mularkey play calling, will they still be a run heavy, run first, run all the time offense. The secondary is always worry me. Brian Williams was the player we let go, he is still a free agent. If we have a bad showing in the pre-season, I'm sure he will get a call.

Pat Yasinskas: Like I said, I think they re-evaluated things during the lockout and you will see some changes. Mainly, more downfield passing. Now, they're not going to suddenly just abandon the run. But the presence of a downfield game should only help Michael Turner. Yeah, Brian Williams is right. I almost wrote Jimmy Williams, but knew that wasn't right. Thanks.

David (Florida): Pat do you see Meacham being used more this year or will it be more of the same as in past years?

Pat Yasinskas: Think he'll be more of a factor this year. He looked good when I was at camp this year. Think he was banged up much of last year and never really got on track.

Greg (Charlotte, NC): After watching New England's first team dismantle Tampa Bay's first teamers last night, do you think Tampa Bay might have a harder time continuing on the success they had last year, especially against tougher teams like the Pats?

Pat Yasinskas: Certainly were lots of issues that were obvious last night. But, again, I don't think you should read too much into preseason games.

JC (MS): Like your take on the Bucs game last night! Funny! But the Glazers better come up with a way to fill those empty seats at Ray Jay, last night didn’t help, what do you think they should do? Free beer night?

Pat Yasinskas: That is a tough one. I know the economy is tough all over, but it's particularly bad in Florida. They've got a young team coming off a 10-6 season and are having trouble selling tickets. They've been creative with marketing and such. But it's a very difficult market at a very difficult time. I don't know what the answer is.

Tim (Colorado Springs): Who do see getting the most carries out of New Orleans backfield?

Pat Yasinskas: Ingram, by far.

Here’s the complete transcript from Friday’s NFC South chat.