Mason Foster has a friend in Ochocinco

We’ve mentioned several times Wednesday that Tampa Bay rookie middle linebacker Mason Foster was fined by the NFL for his hit on New England wide receiver Chad Ochocinco in last week’s preseason game.

OchocincoOchocincoNow, there’s another twist to the story. Ochocinco, who previously tweeted he would pay any fine, said he’d gladly pay Foster’s fine with a tweet in which he referred to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as “Dad.’’

"Dad no disrespect but I don't agree with @mason_foster fine n I'll be reimbursing him personally," @Ochocinco wrote to @nflcommish. "Please feel free to contact me,'' Ochocinco said in the tweet.

In the past, the NFL has refused to let other players or fans pay fines for individuals, so I doubt there’s much chance of the NFL taking a check from Ochocinco on this one. But he might be getting a fine of his own if he keeps calling Goodell names.