Bucs, Panthers again lead in youth

Rosters still have to be cut from 90 to 53 players, but it already is safe to say the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be among the league’s youngest teams -- again.

The Panthers and Buccaneers each held the honor of being the league’s youngest team last season. Although the Panthers went 2-14, the Bucs showed youth isn’t necessarily a bad thing as they went 10-6.

That notion is only reinforced by this detailed chart of ages of current NFL rosters (as of Thursday night), minus specialists. The chart was developed by NFC West colleague Mike Sando and it shows the defending champion Green Bay Packers currently are the league’s second-youngest team.

The Bucs are the league’s youngest team. Even after adding veterans like Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen, Carolina ranks No. 3.

You have to flip the chart to get a perspective on the other two NFC South teams. Instead of talking about youngest teams, we now have to talk about oldest. In that category, the New Orleans Saints are No. 2 in the league, behind only the Detroit Lions.

The Atlanta Falcons are more in the middle, but we’ll use their rank among the league’s oldest teams for these purposes. The Falcons are No. 17.