Decision on Talib does not relieve Dominik

TAMPA, Fla. -- Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not have their best defensive player Aqib Talib suspended this season, general manager Mark Dominik wasn’t celebrating the news.

“I’m not relieved,’’ Dominik said. “I don’t want to have to deal with these types of things. I think Aqib and our football team know that’s not the type of football team we want to be and build here. We want to be a team that our community can be proud of. I’m not relieved because I don’t want to be in these types of situations.

“I’d rather him and our players not be involved in matters like this. But the truth of the matter is that this is America and he’s getting his opportunity.’’

Talib was charged with aggravated assault after an incident in Texas in March. Talib is awaiting trial next March. He met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this week. Dominik said it would be fair to say that the NFL still may discipline Talib for the incident, but that would not come until after the trial.

Dominik said the Bucs do not plan to discipline Talib at this time and that he will continue to monitor the case.

“We support (the league’s decision) as well and we’re going to handle it the same way,’’ Dominik said.

Talib is not playing in Saturday night's preseason game against Miami. But that is due to a hamstring injury. Dominik said Talib could be ready for next week's preseason finale.