Bucs on way to being youngest team

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are poised to have the NFL’s youngest roster when the regular season kicks off.

According to this chart (which was based on moves as of Saturday night) by NFC West colleague Mike Sando, the Bucs are young in every area. They have the youngest offense, defense and specialists, and that pretty much assures them of staying as the league’s youngest team on opening day, unless they go out and sign a bunch of 40-year-olds.

The Carolina Panthers aren’t far behind the Bucs. They are the league’s third-youngest team. After the Bucs and Panthers there’s a big gap before the Saints and Falcons.

When it comes to New Orleans and Atlanta, we’ll put them in terms of how they rank among the league’s oldest teams. The Saints are No. 16. The Atlanta Falcons are No. 5 among the league’s oldest teams.