Southern exposure for Week 1

The Atlanta Falcons are going to get massive exposure in their Sunday game with the Chicago Bears.

Take a look at the map of where games will be televised on the excellent website the506.com. Look at the red states because those are the ones where the Falcons and Bears will be the featured game at 1 p.m. ET on FOX. Looks like they’ll be taking up more than half the country.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions (look real hard for the little splashes of green) will play in the same time slot. The game has not sold out, so it will not be televised in the Tampa Bay market. Its only Florida exposure will be in the Panhandle and the Naples area. Outside of that, it looks like Michigan will be the only other place where the game is televised. Viewers in Tampa and Orlando can watch the Bears and Falcons.

We all know the Saints play Thursday night at Lambeau Field and that game will be televised all across the nation.

I’m a little surprised to see the 4 p.m. ET game between Carolina and Arizona is getting so little exposure. The Panthers and Cardinals might not be a marquee matchup, but it is Cam Newton’s NFL debut. The game will air only in North Carolina and Arizona and parts of South Carolina and Nevada.