Singing the praises of NFC South QBs

Let’s take a look at a couple of interesting links about the NFC South and its quarterbacks.

In this Insider pieceInsider, Trent Dilfer ranks Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman as the young quarterback with the highest ceiling. I couldn’t agree with him more, although a few more big games from Cam Newton could change my thinking. But there really are no limits for Freeman.

He’s got a world of physical talent, but his biggest strength might be that he has so many intangibles. Dilfer points out the one challenge for Freeman could be his supporting cast. It’s not great. The Bucs are a team that builds through the draft and I think you might see them drafting a lot of offensive players next April.

I also think Newton’s got a very high ceiling, but we need to see him play a little more before deciding how high his ceiling is. I think Atlanta’s Matt Ryan has pretty much reached his ceiling. He’s a very good quarterback and the only area for growth is for Ryan to have more success throwing downfield. If he can do that, then he’ll start winning some postseason games.

Also, check out this fine feature by Josh Kipnis. He writes that the NFC South has the best collection of quarterbacks in the league. No argument here. Think about it. The NFC South has Drew Brees, who is a top-five quarterback and may even be the league’s second best behind only Tom Brady.

Ryan’s already very good and so is Freeman. Plus, as Dilfer noted Freeman should only keep getting better. Newton’s debut was extremely encouraging. If that wasn’t some sort of mirage, then I don’t see another division that has as much overall quarterback talent as the NFC South.