Saints threw everything at Cutler

New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams never has been shy about dialing up the blitz. But sometimes, the quarterback you’re blitzing can make a huge difference.

Take the case of Sunday’s victory against Chicago. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Saints sent six or more pass rushers on 19 plays and allowed just 13 yards (0.7 yards per play). They sacked Jay Cutler five times in those situations, including a key sack/forced fumble by Turk McBride that helped break the game open.

In all, the Saints sent six or more rushers on 39.6 percent of Chicago’s drop-backs and Cutler completed only 38.5 percent of his passes against the blitz. He also averaged 4.9 yards per attempt.

That’s a striking difference from the season-opening loss at Green Bay, where the Saints sent six or more pass rushers on 29.7 percent of the drop-backs. But the key difference was that Aaron Rodgers completed 80 percent of his passes in those situations and averaged 12.5 yards per attempt.