Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

Lots of good stuff in our Friday NFC South chat. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Bill (Winston-Salem): Panther beat writer Steve Reed pointed out last week that when Legedu Naanee was targeted by Cam Newton, "bad things happened". Why do you think he's still the number 2 WR for the Panthers?

Pat Yasinskas: Good question and I agree with Steve from what I've seen. I've seen some promise out of LaFell. I think Panthers should just throw him in there and let him grow up with Cam.

Quez (FLA): Will Mason "the Monster" Foster get Defensive ROY??

Pat Yasinskas: He's doing well. But I think Ryan Kerrigan's the early leader for that. Plus, I think Foster's teammate, Adrian Clayborn, also is off to a very nice start.

Michael (Atlanta): Pat I was wondering if you were worried about how Roddy White has been playing? Do you think Roddy will get back to his pro bowl form which helped Atlanta so much last year?

Pat Yasinskas: Roddy has the talent to bounce back at any time. Not sure he's completely healthy though. That thigh has been a factor.

Geraden (Orem, Utah): Hey Pat! Love your blog! With Marques Colston coming back last week, you think Drew Brees might have tried to get him the ball a little more. It seems like Jimmy Graham is quickly taking over as New Orleans' number one target?

Pat Yasinskas: They eased Colston in slowly. Think he only got 20 snaps or so. Expect he'll get more going forward.

Adam (Connecticut): What do you think of Gerald McCoy's performance so far? Also, it seems that Price has rebounded nicely from that injury and he has been very disruptive.

Pat Yasinskas: Think McCoy had a very nice game Monday night. Price is definitely playing well and I think the presence of Price and Adrian Clayborn already is helping McCoy and will continue to do so.

D. Walker (Atlanta): Pat - I've kept up with the stats, and this year, when the Falcons have used the no-huddle offense, they: 1) tend to run a more balanced offense of run vs pass 2) gain more yards per rush 3) gain more yards per pass 4) have given up no sacks.Given that, what possible reason could you see that the Falcons haven't gone to the no-huddle more, if not permanently?

Pat Yasinskas: I've been saying for a couple years that Falcons should go no-huddle all the time. Either that or take the batteries out of Mularkey's headset.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.